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Novozymes news

You will find important news stories about Novozymes and our work with our partners here.
Novozymes tops the list:
The 40 hottest partners in Bioenergy and Bio-based materials

Biofuels Digest, the world’s most widely read biofuels daily, has surveyed its readers to find out what makes a good partner in the world of Bioenergy and Bio-based materials. The voting concluded in June and resoundingly the answer was acceleration and validation. Readers reported they appreciate partners who can add credibility (via their brands) to their own efforts, and accelerate the path to commercialization.
Subscribers and invited international selectors voted to rank the 40 Hottest Partners – and Novozymes topped the list! Here’s the top 10:

1. Novozymes
2. US Navy
3. Ceres
4. Waste Management
5. US Department of Energy
6. Khosla Ventures
7. Solazyme
8. Genencor – Dupont Industrial Biosciences
9. BP
10. Dow Chemical
Click here to see the full top 40 list
Novozymes recognized for sustainable and renewable fuels
Novozymes wins the Biofuels Leadership Award - a recognition for leadership in the area of sustainable biofuels at the World Biofuels Markets Sustainable Biofuels Awards 2012, which is one of the largest and most successful congress and exhibitions in the biofuels industry in Europe.
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Novozymes joins the elite in Carbon Disclosure Project

Novozymes enters the Leadership Index of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and receives recognition for its professional approach to corporate governance in respect of climate change information disclosure practices.

Reduction of carbon emissions is a good idea, and the issue is also becoming increasingly important to institutional investors all over the world as they seek to invest. For the second time Novozymes has been featured in CDP’s annual Nordic Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index. In a huge field of more than 260 Nordic companies, Novozymes is a high-climber, entering the Index at number 10.
CDP’s annual Nordic Report highlights the constituent companies in the Nordic OMX Index Series which have displayed the most professional approach to corporate governance in respect of climate change information disclosure practices.
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Novozymes pioneers food-energy venture in Africa

Novozymes and environmental venture group CleanStar Ventures are to jointly establish an integrated food–energy business in Mozambique that will replace thousands of charcoal-burning cookstoves with cleaner ethanol stoves.
Today, Novozymes announced its investment in CleanStar Mozambique at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting. CleanStar Mozambique, a company founded by Novozymes and CleanStar Ventures, will work with smallholder farmers to implement sustainable farming practices, create a food and ethanol cooking fuel production facility, and lay the groundwork for economically and ecologically sustainable communities in Sub-Saharan Africa. The business will address a range of problems, including land degradation, poor health, and energy poverty.
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Novozymes’ carbon capture project selected for U.S. Department of Energy Funding
Team to research enzyme’s role in enabling cleaner emissions from coal-fired power plants

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has selected Novozymes’ carbon capture project as one of 16 technologies chosen for research funding.   Novozymes, together with Doosan Power Systems, University of Kentucky, and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, will carry out the three-year project with total budget for all parties of approximately USD 2 million, of which DOE will fund 80 percent.
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View our new webinar recordings!
We've just added two new webinars to our bioenergy website

If you missed our recent webinars, or if you want to view them again, you can now access the recorded versions.
Cellulosic Ethanol: Improving process efficiencies through partner engagement & collaboration
Learn how Novozymes' unique partnerships have led to process optimizations for producers and critical advancements in the commercialization of advanced biofuels.
Starch Ethanol: Using advanced data analysis to model enzyme dosing for improved yields
Learn how new modeling techniques developed by Novozymes can help you find the optimal enzyme dosing levels for current and new products. 
Novozymes launches new website about cellulosic ethanol
INSIGHT, a new website containing resources and training materials aimed at moving the industry forward, was launched at IFEW today.

INSIGHT contains resources produced from the considerable learnings that Novozymes has developed during our many years in the business. We are providing this knowledge to users so that together we can move cellulosic ethanol forward.

“Over the past decade we have  been expanding our expertise in cellulosic ethanol technology,” says Cindy Bryant, Director, Global Business Development at Novozymes. “The expertise we have shared with our partners has helped them enable their technology and has positioned Novozymes as a key player in the field. Now we are making our insights available to the entire industry.”
Visit INSIGHT now
Novozymes collaborates with Meihua Group on biomass-to-chemicals research 
The companies to collaborate on turning cotton stalks and corn stover into food additives.
Today Novozymes signed a Framework Agreement with Meihua Group, a China-based agricultural processor, to jointly develop an enzymatic process turning various agricultural residues into sugar, followed by fermentation to produce amino acids for food additives. If successful, Meihua Group will target to produce glutamic acid, lysine, and threonine, three amino acids commonly used as flavor enhancers and nutritional supplements.
Click here to read more about the collaboration.
Novozymes partner announces collaborative partnership
GreenField Ethanol has launched a collaborative partnership, called G2Bioechem, which will acquire, validate, and commercialize their innovative patented process technology for cellulosic ethanol.

Novozymes is a proud collaborator in the G2Biochem partnership.
For more information about this collaboration, please visit the G2Biochem website.
You can also learn more about our partnership with GreenField Ethanol here.
The promise of a bio-based society
Novozymes President and CEO Steen Riisgaard shares his vision for a better environment with The Huffington Post

Novozymes has a passion for creating sustainable solutions for the future. Steen Riisgaard, our President and CEO, has a vision of taking the things we make out of petrochemicals and make them from sugars instead. On April 29, an editorial by Steen promoting a bio-based society - including policy recommendations - was published in the well-known Huffington Post.
Click here to read Steen's comments about reducing oil dependence and creating a better environment.
Novozymes partner to open world’s largest cellulosic ethanol plant in 2012
The Italian-based multinational company M&G begins construction of the world’s first commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol plant.

The plant will produce 13 million gallons of ethanol per year from biomass. The price of the ethanol will be competitive with gasoline.
Novozymes has collaborated closely with M&G for the last couple of years and will supply the enzymes for the plant.

Let’s start repowering the transport sector today
At a press conference at the World Economic Forum in New York, Novozymes’ President and CEO Steen Riisgaard co-launched a far-sighted new report looking at environmentally friendlier opportunities for the transport sector such as biofuels.
His message was clear: The technological foundations are in place, but less talking and more political action are needed in order to move forward.
More than 60% of the 87 million barrels of oil consumed every day is used to power the world’s cars, buses, trucks, airplanes, ships, and trains. Liquid fossil fuels account for more than 96% of the current energy supply to the transport sector. And by 2030 the global transport sector will consume roughly 40% more energy than it does today. These are some of the hard facts and challenges set out in a new report by the World Economic Forum, entitled “Repowering Transport,” which was launched at a press conference in New York earlier today co-presented by Novozymes’ President and CEO, Steen Riisgaard. However challenging these facts might seem, solid and proven technologies to confront them already exist.
Click here to read more on the story.
Lignol updates cellulose ethanol project with Novozymes
The first phase of the Lignol/Novozymes joint R&D agreement to make biofuel from wood chips and forest residue has been successfully completed.

Last June, we were excited to announce a partnership with Lignol Energy Corporation aimed at developing a process to make cellulosic ethanol from forestry waste at a price competitive with both gasoline and starch-based ethanol.
The work has been taking place at Lignol's industrial pilot plant in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.  Working together, we have optimized both Lignol's innovative pre-treatment technology process and our newest cellulosic enzymes to successfully produce biofuel from hardwood.
Now that we have established baseline production costs, we can move on to the next phase of the project, which will focus on enzyme and substrate optimization in order to further reduce the cost of producing cellulosic ethanol and move toward commercialization.
Ross MacLachlan, president and CEO of Lignol, calls this milestone achievement "an important accomplishment [that] puts us one step closer to meeting our operating cost targets for a commercial biorefinery."
Click here to read more on the story.
Meet us at World Biofuels Markets
On March 22nd, World Biofuels Markets begins in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Novozymes will be on hand and participate with a speaker in two streams.

On March 23rd at 16.15–17.45, Cynthia Bryant, Novozymes' Global Biomass Business Development Director, will be participating in the Advanced Biofuels Partnerships & Securing Feedstock Supply stream. And on March 24th at 08.45 – 10.15, Cynthia Bryant will be presenting in the stream titled: Enzymes as Building Blocks: Scaling Up Cellulosic Ethanol and Reducing Costs.
More information about the World Biofuels Markets agenda can be found here.
Read the 60-second interview with Poul Ruben Andersen, Novozymes' Global Marketing Director.

Putting the pieces together for cellulosic commercialization
At this week's National Ethanol Conference in Phoenix, we presented the results of recent pilot testing and the findings we developed around the main hurdles facing C5 fermentation in cellulosic ethanol production.

In her NEC presentation, Cindy Bryant - Global Business Development Manager for Biomass at Novozymes - explained that 40% of the sugars found in lignocellulose can be C5 sugars, which are much more difficult to ferment than the C6 fraction.
Yet for cellulosic ethanol plants to become economically viable, we need to find a commercial solution to utilize the C5 sugars.  Several options for C5 utilization are being evaluated within the industry, but pose challenges because of small market potential and the need for effective technology.   For this reason, we believe that the best near term solution for C5 utilization is conversion to ethanol.
There are challenges with C5 fermentation that need to be overcome.  Many yeast and microorganism companies are working to optimize yeast utilization and reduce overall fermentation costs (while balancing capital and operating expenses), but the pieces still need to be put together.
Novozymes' Fast Fermentation process has been successful in both lab and pilot scale testing, and we are pleased to offer it as an option to our partners.  A second fermentation option has shown good results in lab scale, and we are currently working to scale up this testing as well.
For more information, click here to download Cindy's entire NEC presentation.
Novozymes supports NASCAR and E15
A new season of NASCAR racing is just around the corner and the cars in its three national touring series will now be powered by a new and improved fuel – American Ethanol Green E15, a 15-percent ethanol blend.

Established by Growth Energy to bring ethanol to the NASCAR racing circuit, American Ethanol is made up of more than 100 partners – farmers, ethanol producers, chemical companies, equipment manufacturers, etc. – all of whom are rallying NASCAR to advocate broader acceptance of clean burning E15.
Novozymes is excited to join American Ethanol in this sponsorship. Partnering with NASCAR adds another dimension to our efforts to support the continued growth of the corn ethanol industry and to help ensure continued development of the cellulosic ethanol industry. As a key technology provider to both, Novozymes has a vested interest in their ongoing development and success.

With more than 75 million loyal fans, NASCAR is the number one spectator sport in America. But its influence does not end at the US border. With races broadcast in over 150 countries and drivers from Denmark, Colombia, Canada, Australia, Italy and Scotland, NASCAR’s popularity is spreading across the globe. NASCAR is committed to being an environmental leader, and the transition to the Green E15 fuel takes the industry’s sustainability strategy to the next level.

For ethanol to be really successful, consumers will need to believe in and ask for it. We believe that our NASCAR sponsorship can drive greater awareness of the benefits of ethanol blended fuels, resulting in increased demand for ethanol by consumers at the pump.
Novozymes wins biofuel technology award
Novozymes won the "Best biofuel technology of the year" award at the Biofuels 2010.
Novozymes won the "Best biofuel technology of the year" award at the Biofuels 2010, a conference organized by the World Refining Association. The award was handed out based on votes cast by conference delegates and speakers.
The economics of enzyme production
Enzyme costs for cellulosic ethanol have been reduced. Novozymes delivers results of studies on costs and effectiveness.
Enzyme costs for cellulosic ethanol have been reduced, but producers still worry about how best to source enzymes. Novozymes is making the case for delivering enzymes, sharing results of studies on costs and effectiveness.
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  See our past presentations

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